Top Embroidery — Bottom Prices
With two 5-Head Tajima Embroidery Machines we are capable of embroidering up to 500 garments per day depending on artwork. From standard text to large complicated designs we guarantee to have the best prices on the market. Having gathered countless years of experience, we promise that our embroidery will meet your satisfaction.


Pricing is as follows:

Formula to work out how many stitches.

Length x height in cm = area cm

Area (cm)x 300 (stitches per cm) = how many stitches.

Embroidery trade pricelist

1K up 5K stitches £0.95

5K to 10k Stitches £1.40

10K to 15K Stitches £2.15

15k to 20K Stitches £2.95


£10 Origination Per design – Repeat Origination is **FREE**

Delivery at £7.00 per box. Orders over £300 qualify for FREE Delivery with standard embroidery prices.